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Finding the right UK online casino can be tricky. at we help you find the best casinos, the right games and your preferred payment method. The team behind has over 20 years of online gaming experience and with their gathered expertise we help customers less experienced, find the perfect UK online casino.

These are our top UK online casinos. Carefully selected and vetted by our professional team of gamblers. Before activating any bonus we strongly recommend reading the terms & conditions of both the casino and the welcome bonus.

Top UK Online Casinos

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Top UK casinos

How to choose casino

Honest and trustworthy reviews

Different kinds of online casinos

What are the different kind of games

Our all time favourite UK casino

Basics when choosing a casino

Does the casino hold a license?

This is the most important thing to check before depositing at any casino. Where do they hold their gambling license.
Licenses that we recommend is UKGC (United Kingdom) or Curacao. If the casino holds additional licenses in either Sweden or Curacao (SGA, MGA) that is a big plus as it means it is a very reputable online casino.

Do your research

What are you looking for in casino. Most casinos offer pretty much the same thing. But, it might be that you are looking for a certain payment method, Game provider or even a specific slot. If you are looking at VIP treatment there are casinos that are better on it than others as well.

Play with a casino bonus?

We always suggest you play without a bonus. This is of course an individual preference. Playing with a bonus for E.g 100% match bonus always limits you in a wagering requirement. On top of that you will most likely be restricted on which games you can play and how big your maximum bet can be.

Try out their support before depositing

There is no shame to quickly jump in and ask a few basic question to their support. This will quickly tell you if they provide good service and reliable and fast withdrawals after you have won. Cause you will of course win :).

Always read the terms & conditions

We can’t stress this enough. Read the terms and conditions of the online casino that you have picked. If there are additional bonus terms and conditions. read them as well. Staying ahead of the rules will keep you from getting your winnings confiscated due to breaking the casinos rules.

How we review a UK online casino

We are a small team of four people that works on reviewing UK online casinos. The most important key factor in getting a high rating, Player safety and Security. It is important for us that you as a player is safe and that your monies and personal credentials is kept in a secure environment.

Other factors we look at is look and feel of the casino, game selections, bonus offers and support. All these is scored individually and mashed together in out casino rating algorithm to determine how good a casino is. This can ofc change a bit depending on what you are looking for as a player. Therefor we have made all our scores and information anbout the casino completely transparent for you to take part of. Knowing this, you are not far from finding you new favourite online casino.

Different kinds of online casinos

There are different kinds of online casinos. The most common one is a web based platform which would work on any of your devices that has a basic web browser installed. For those who doesn’t know what a web browser is: it is google chrome, Safari, internet explorer. But there are more.

Downloadable casinos

Or as we would call it “Old school casinos” If i remember correctly last time we played at one of these was back in the late 90’s. As soon as the web developed most casino platforms developed their software towards a browser environment. It was first in 2015 when almost all downloadable casinos was updated. You could find some softwares still online but most of them are just for online poker.

Responsive casinos

This was a big thing for a couple of years. LeoVegas Casino built their success on the story that they where the best mobile casino in the world. And to be honest, it probably was and still is. This was when mobile casino most likely differed quite a lot from their desktop application as it required two different code languages. Those of you old enough probable remember the good old era. where you had a separate site on another domain for mobile devices.

Now a day, most common is having a responsive web based site. That works the same in mobile and desktop. This is the one we recommend for every day use. It is easy and quick and you get the same experience and interface on desktop and your mobile.

Mobile Application

This we see less and less of, an online casino that is downloadable from app store or google play. Some of the bigger players still has it. but it is getting harder and harder for them to maintain the strict rules that is implied to the applications.

You get a few more cool features like facial or fingerprints logins. But we would say it would not take long before that is standard in every web based casino as well. Another thing you get is optimised loading speeds. But here again Web based online casinos are catching up as new technology rises for browser friendly casinos.

Casino games and slots

We are just gonna mention this short and give some recommendations on how to choose the game or slot to invest your fun time at. There are no worse thing than spending your gambling money on a slot that is not enjoyable.

Always always try a new slot for fun money first. This is so basic so we don’t want to remind you again. Most UK online casinos allows you to try games with fun money even when you are logged in. If not simply log out and they are available to play for free.

Below is our favourite UK casino games. If these are not for you we have a whole section in our casino slots section.

Latest UK online casino games

There are more than 50 different game studios developing online slots and live casino games at the moment. So you can be sure there is always a new game to try out. We try to keep up with the releases but this means there are more than 50 casino games coming out each month almost. Super nice for players as there is always new content to try out

UK online casino

How to gamble on a UK online casino

An online casino is a virtual gambling platform. You can gamble online using your laptop, mobile phone and tablet. A typical UK online casino is made up of several bits and pieces, and you must know about them before playing with real money.

This article is perfect for someone who has never played in a UK online casino. But even if you are a pro, this article will be a refresher course for you.

Games on a UK online casino

Any good online UK casino would have a multitude of games. These include:

  • Online slots
  • Table games
  • Specialty games
  • Jackpots
  • Poker and Video poker
  • Other games like Pai Go, Sic Bo, etc.

Online slots

Almost every good UK online casino has online slots. These games resemble the ones you see in brick-and-mortar gambling parlours. Some popular online slots are Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest, Mega Millions and so on.

Online slots come in several varieties. These are:

Classic online slots

These games are very simple to play and you can identify them with cherries, candies, 7s, bars and bells. Click the Spin button and try arranging these symbols in a winning pattern. If you are successful, you win the game.

Video online slots

Gamblers can also play online video slots in a typical UK online casino. These games are similar to classic slots. However, video slots have more rules to follow and come in various themes.

Every video slot has a unique storyline as well. Thus, a good online casino in the UK has slots based on Africa, jungles, Egypt and so on.

Usually, only casinos also have 3-D slots and slots with jackpots. Jackpot slots can offer fixed rewards or progressively increasing rewards.

Table games

Many UK gambling sites also offer roulette, blackjack and baccarat. These games are called table games because you play them on a table.

Live dealer games

Some of these sites also have live games on their platforms. In live games, you play against live dealers and generally, the ambience is the same as what you would experience in real casinos.

Live dealer games are as fair as those in real gambling houses. You can track your progress via HD cameras placed in gambling rooms and can contact the dealer in real-time. If you want to play these games, make sure you have a stable and strong internet connection.

Specialty games

There are some games that can be played by everyone, irrespective of their age or gambling experience. Specialty games come under this category/ and these comprise bingo, scratch cards, keno and so on.

Free versus paid games

Online casinos in the United Kingdom have usually a combination of free and paid games. Casinos provide demo and free games to attract new gamblers and customers.

We’d suggest that you start playing with free games and later switch to paid ones, depending on your comfort factor. Please note that live dealer games are never free.

Bonuses and promotions

Every UK online casino offers bonuses and rewards to its new and existing customers. A bonus is a virtual money that reduces your gambling risk while enabling you to try several games for free. Please note that every bonus or reward is governed by specific terms. These rules change from one gambling site to another.

Bonuses come in various forms.

Welcome bonus

Casinos provide welcome bonuses to encourage new players to join their platforms. While an overwhelming number of websites charge for these bonuses, there are some that give these rewards for free. The former is called Deposit-based bonuses while the free ones are No-Deposit bonuses. 

There are two kinds of Deposit-based welcome bonuses. If the UK online casino matches its welcome bonus with your deposit, then that bonus is Matching Deposit Bonus. For example, if you deposit GBP 10 and your Welcome Bonus is of the same amount, this is a case of a Matching Deposit Welcome Bonus. 

Sometimes, the gambling website’s welcome bonus is a fraction of your deposit amount. For example, this bonus may be 20% or 200% of your deposit amount. 

Your UK online casino may also award you with a few free spins in the welcome package. However, you can use these bonus spins on specific games and is a specific manner. 

VIP programme

Once you have signed up with your casino and played enough games, the casino might accept you in its loyalty or VIP programme, if any. The more you play, the higher you go up in this programme and get higher rewards. 


Since online gambling is also about luck, you may end up losing your money on some games. Some online casinos might compensate you for these losses provided you follow specific conditions. 

High-roller bonus

There are gamblers who like to bet big and there are those who are conservative in their approach. Casinos often reward the former by giving them special bonuses. Gamblers who take big chances are called high-rollers. 

In addition to the above, UK-based online casinos frequently roll out Refer-a-Friend bonuses for their existing customers. Refer your friend to your casino, and when he signs up and makes a deposit your casino will reward you with a special bonus. 

Bonus terms and conditions

Every UK online casino has specific bonus rules, please read them before accepting any bonus or reward. Some of these rules are:

1. Every bonus is a privilege and not a right. Even if you fulfil the eligibility criteria, the casino might disallow its bonus to you. 

2. Bonuses are not permanent; they have shelf lives. Therefore, claim your bonus quickly before it expires. 

3. A casino can terminate or amend its bonus rules anytime and without informing you. 

4. Most UK casinos offer only one bonus per address or IP address. Fudging your identity can lead to your account termination. 

5. The most important rule concerning a bonus is its wagering requirement. This means you must use your bonus in a particular way before withdrawing it or its winnings. Wagering requirements are expressed as 4x, 5x or 6x. This means you must wager your bonus (or bonus plus deposit amount) that many times to claim your earnings or other money. 

Now that we have understood bonuses, let’s now move to the next step, which is creating a casino account. 

How to create a casino account

• Go to the Sign-up section and click it.

• Enter your name, email address and other details. 

• Now connect your bank account, wallet or other payment gateways with your account. 

• In the next stage, go to Cashier, then Deposit and then chose your payment method. 

• Next, enter your payment details and the amount you want to deposit. 

• Review your information and click Submit. 

If you have received a promo code, enter it during the Sign-Up stage and claim your bonus. This code usually comes in the form of random letters and digits and has an expiry date. 

Payment channels 

This brings us to the topic of payment gateways. Every UK online casino has an alliance with one or more payment gateways, such as American Express, Visa, Mastercard, PayPal and so on. You can classify payment channels into five groups. These are:

1. Cards 

All debit and credit cards fall into this category. The top brands are American Express, Visa, Maestro, Mastercard and Discover. Please note that while cards are an efficient way of making payments, your issuer bank may incur fees on your transactions. 

2. Virtual wallets

Also called electronic wallets, these are extremely handy modes of payment. You can access your virtual wallet anytime and the best part is that all payments are safe and quick. Skrill, PayPal and Neteller are some of the top e-wallets you can consider. Like cards, e-wallets may also charge some fees on your payments. 

3. Prepaid cards

Some gamblers prefer cashless cards because these help in curbing their gambling urges. Therefore, if you have a prepaid card worth GBP 1,000, you’ll be able to play only uptil that limit. Prepaid cards are easy to get and use. Besides, casinos don’t charge any fees on prepaid card deposits. That said, you can only deposit funds with prepaid cards and not withdraw money. A few top brands in this category sre ecoPayZ, Visa Prepaid and Mastercard Prepaid. 

4. Pay by phone

Lately, some UK online casinos have begun accepting funds through the phone. Submit your phone number to the casino while playing and whatever expenses you incur will reflect in your monthly phone bill. 

5. Crypto casinos

Some gambling websites also accept bitcoin-based payments. The biggest benefit of playing at these casinos is that you stay anonymous and your funds remain safe. Besides, you can gain from the volatility of the bitcoin and other crypto payments you receive. 

Please note that every payment method has minimum and maximum payment limits. For example, Casino A’s minimum deposit limit for Amex can be GBP 10 and so on. The same holds true for withdrawals. Payment timing is another important point to consider. Some casinos issue payments within a fortnight, others may take 30 days. 

Mobile gambling

Every good online casino in the United Kingdom has a mobile version. This means you can play most of the games available on the desktop on mobile devices as well. The operative word is ‘most’ because very few casinos offer all the games available for desktops. 

Mobile-based online casinos work in two ways. You can either launch the casino game on your device and play it on the go. Alternatively, you can download the casino on your iPhone or Android device and then select your game. In either case, you should check if there are any viruses lurking in the casino software. 

If you prefer the latter route, the best way is to download the casino app from the Play Store. Some UK online casinos let you download their apps from their websites. 

Whatever the case, your phone or tablet must have adequate space and configuration to support the online casino. Usually, all the top browsers like Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox and others work perfectly with online casinos in the United Kingdom. 

Security and licencing

All top UK online casinos use the latest encryption to protect your payments and other critical information. Here, encryption refers to hiding your data from hackers and third parties. There are two kinds of encryption that many casinos use – 128-bit and 256-bit. So, how do you know your site is encrypted?

Look at the casino’s URL. If there’s a lock-like symbol in the URL, it means your site is encrypted and is safe for sending and receiving online payments. Now, let’s look at the licencing bit. 

Each good UK online casino is licenced by the UK Gambling Commission. You can find your casino’s licencing information in the About Us section. Some casinos have this information right at the bottom of the homepage. 

Licenced casinos are better than the others because the former follow all the rules laid down by the regulator. These gambling websites pay on time and have transparent terms and conditions. This brings us to the important topic of the fairness of games. 

Are casino games fair?

Usually, the answer is yes. This is because good-quality online casinos in the United Kingdom have Random Number Generators installed in their software. An RNG is a tool that ensures the fairness of a game. It’s actually an RNG that powers your slot or online roulette. Think of an RNG as an invisible force competing against you in online casinos. This means there is no human interference in RNG-enabled gambling websites in the UK. 

But who ensures these tools are fair?

There are several third-party organizations which audit RNGs. One of them is e-COGRA, an entity that thousands of e-commerce websites trust. Usually, you’ll find the seal of e-COGRA or a similar organization at the bottom of the homepage of the casino. 

Customer support at UK online casinos

A good-quality UK online casino has a helpful customer support function. Casinos provide help to their customers in four ways. In most cases, you’ll find a live customer chat window on the homepage which is manned by customer support representatives. Usually, these chat windows are open for limited hours,so you may want to get help in a different way. 

Casinos also provide help via email and in this case, the turnaround time can range from 24 to 48 business hours. 

Some gambling sites may also have dedicated phone numbers for customer support. 

In most cases, gambling sites in the UK also have a FAQs section or the Knowledgebase section. In this area, you can find answers to various commonly asked questions related to payments, game rules, bonuses and so on. Please read this section before approaching alternative channels for help. 

Responsible gambling

Online casinos in the UK have a social responsibility as well. In the gambling context, it means advising gamblers on how to gamble responsibly and avoid addiction. All licenced gambling sites in the United Kingdom must display a set of guidelines regarding responsible gambling. Some of these guidelines are:

1. Treating gambling as a form of entertainment and not as employment. 

2. Stopping the game as soon as you have hit a winning streak. 

3. Setting loss limits. 

4. Blocking your gambling site from search results if you think you are getting addicted.

Many virtual gambling casinos also tie up with reputed organizations like Gamcare for advice on responsible gambling. You will find these names at the bottom part of the homepage. 

A crucial aspect of responsible gambling is that casinos don’t allow underage people to use their platforms. Furthermore, the former will employ third-parties to verify your antecedents.

Privacy Statements

Gambling websites in the UK also have detailed privacy policies which explain how your data is managed. It’s perfectly okay to worry about the privacy of your data. Good online casinos reassure you by telling you exactly how this data will be used for your benefit. These casinos don’t share your personal details with others without your consent. They will also tell what data must be given to the regulators, like the UK Gambling Commission, for compliance reasons. 

Good online casinos in the United Kingdom will also inform you before using your data to improve the gambling experience. You can read the privacy policies of your casino at the bottom part of the homepage. 

What makes a good online UK casino

Find out whether your casino fulfils these conditions. 

The number of games – Typically, a good gambling website must have over 1,000 games, 70 % of which must be available on mobile. 

Software providers – Good quality online casinos partner with the best iGaming providers in the world. A few names worth considering are:

• NetEnt

• Microgaming

• Evolution Gaming

• Betsoft

• Azuri

• Red Tiger

• Yggdrassil

• Playtech

• Play N Go

Online gamblers trust casinos which have partnered with these iGaming providers. These software providers have won several awards due to their commitment to excellence and professionalism. 

Game information – Some players are completely new to the gambling scene and would like to know how games work. That is why you must look for casinos which have game information. You can either get this information in the FAQs section or in the game section. 

Similarly, casinos which have free or demo games are good as they let you hone your skills at your own pace, without any charges. 

RTP and Volatility – These stats refer to the profitability of slots. RTP or Return to Player means how much a player is likely to receive from an online slot. If the RTP is 98%, it means you are likely to get back 98% of your investment from that slot over a period. However, your earnings also depend upon your skills as well as luck. 

Some slots can deliver money quickly. You can also lose money on these games in a very short instant. Such games are highly volatile and are suitable for gamblers with a high-risk appetite. On the other hand, there are some slots which require patience. These games have low to medium variance or volatility. 

Tips to succeed in a UK online casino

While gambling is largely about luck, you can still beat your online casino. There are several strategies you can use to derive an edge against your casino. Some of these are:

1. Fibonacci strategy – Here, you lay bets in the series, 1,1,2,3,5,8, 13, and so on. Note that every third number is the sum of the preceding two. Since several casinos have betting limits, the Fibonacci Series betting strategy has this major limitation. 

2. Martingale strategy – In this strategy, you stake GBP 1, then keep doubling this amount hoping you will not only recover your investment but post a profit as well. The biggest drawback of this betting strategy is that unless you have deep pockets, you may lose all your money. 

Gamblers can deploy other betting strategies as well such as Reverse Martingale, D’Alembert, and James Bond betting strategies. 

Mastering betting strategies is no guarantee to your success in a casino. Remember, casinos have always an inherent edge or mathematical advantage against gamblers. In such a situation, you can reduce your losses by sticking to some basic tips. 

1. Always stick to a budget, also called bankroll. 

2. Understand the rules of the game before laying the first bet. 

3. Usually, slots with high RTP but low to medium volatility are good. 

4. Start with free games. This will provide you the required confidence for playing money games. 

5. Play your casino games on diverse machines like tablets, phones and desktops. Thus way, you will be able to handle your games better. 

6. Don’t spend too much time gambling. Take frequent breaks and walk away from your game when you are losing money regularly. 

7. Avoid playing on overseas gambling sites. These online casinos don’t work under the jurisdiction of the UK Gambling Commission and are therefore unsafe and untrustworthy. 

8. Nobody starts as an expert gambler. However, you can become a pro by watching how experts play their games. Read as many gambling guides as you can to become a better gambler.