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Finding the right UK online casino can be tricky. at we help you find the best casinos, the right games and your preferred payment method. The team behind has over 20 years of online gaming experience and with their gathered expertise we help customers less experienced, find the perfect UK online casino.

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Top UK casinos

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Different kinds of online casinos

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These are our top UK online casinos. Carefully selected and vetted by our professional team of gamblers. Before activating any bonus we strongly recommend reading the terms & conditions of both the casino and the welcome bonus.

Top UK Online Casinos

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Basics when choosing a casino

Does the casino hold a license?

This is the most important thing to check before depositing at any casino. Where do they hold their gambling license.
Licenses that we recommend is UKGC (United Kingdom) or Curacao. If the casino holds additional licenses in either Sweden or Curacao (SGA, MGA) that is a big plus as it means it is a very reputable online casino.

Do your research

What are you looking for in casino. Most casinos offer pretty much the same thing. But, it might be that you are looking for a certain payment method, Game provider or even a specific slot. If you are looking at VIP treatment there are casinos that are better on it than others as well.

Play with a casino bonus?

We always suggest you play without a bonus. This is of course an individual preference. Playing with a bonus for E.g 100% match bonus always limits you in a wagering requirement. On top of that you will most likely be restricted on which games you can play and how big your maximum bet can be.

Try out their support before depositing

There is no shame to quickly jump in and ask a few basic question to their support. This will quickly tell you if they provide good service and reliable and fast withdrawals after you have won. Cause you will of course win :).

Always read the terms & conditions

We can’t stress this enough. Read the terms and conditions of the online casino that you have picked. If there are additional bonus terms and conditions. read them as well. Staying ahead of the rules will keep you from getting your winnings confiscated due to breaking the casinos rules.

How we review a UK online casino

We are a small team of four people that works on reviewing UK online casinos. The most important key factor in getting a high rating, Player safety and Security. It is important for us that you as a player is safe and that your monies and personal credentials is kept in a secure environment.

Other factors we look at is look and feel of the casino, game selections, bonus offers and support. All these is scored individually and mashed together in out casino rating algorithm to determine how good a casino is. This can ofc change a bit depending on what you are looking for as a player. Therefor we have made all our scores and information anbout the casino completely transparent for you to take part of. Knowing this, you are not far from finding you new favourite online casino.

Different kinds of online casinos

There are different kinds of online casinos. The most common one is a web based platform which would work on any of your devices that has a basic web browser installed. For those who doesn’t know what a web browser is: it is google chrome, Safari, internet explorer. But there are more.

Downloadable casinos

Or as we would call it “Old school casinos” If i remember correctly last time we played at one of these was back in the late 90’s. As soon as the web developed most casino platforms developed their software towards a browser environment. It was first in 2015 when almost all downloadable casinos was updated. You could find some softwares still online but most of them are just for online poker.

Responsive casinos

This was a big thing for a couple of years. LeoVegas Casino built their success on the story that they where the best mobile casino in the world. And to be honest, it probably was and still is. This was when mobile casino most likely differed quite a lot from their desktop application as it required two different code languages. Those of you old enough probable remember the good old era. where you had a separate site on another domain for mobile devices.

Now a day, most common is having a responsive web based site. That works the same in mobile and desktop. This is the one we recommend for every day use. It is easy and quick and you get the same experience and interface on desktop and your mobile.

Mobile Application

This we see less and less of, an online casino that is downloadable from app store or google play. Some of the bigger players still has it. but it is getting harder and harder for them to maintain the strict rules that is implied to the applications.

You get a few more cool features like facial or fingerprints logins. But we would say it would not take long before that is standard in every web based casino as well. Another thing you get is optimised loading speeds. But here again Web based online casinos are catching up as new technology rises for browser friendly casinos.

Casino games and slots

We are just gonna mention this short and give some recommendations on how to choose the game or slot to invest your fun time at. There are no worse thing than spending your gambling money on a slot that is not enjoyable.

Always always try a new slot for fun money first. This is so basic so we don’t want to remind you again. Most UK online casinos allows you to try games with fun money even when you are logged in. If not simply log out and they are available to play for free.

Below is our favourite UK casino games. If these are not for you we have a whole section in our casino slots section.

Latest UK online casino games

There are more than 50 different game studios developing online slots and live casino games at the moment. So you can be sure there is always a new game to try out. We try to keep up with the releases but this means there are more than 50 casino games coming out each month almost. Super nice for players as there is always new content to try out.

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